Order Terms & FAQ

How do I place my order?
Placing an order is simple if you know what you want and have the information to get started. Here’s what we need:

    • If you don’t have print-ready professional artwork, we’ve got the skills to help you out. Contact us for a custom quote.
    • If you think you have print-ready professional artwork or if you think you can create it, please see the art guidelines below for directions on file preparations.
    • We offer thousands of styles, hundreds of colors and a variety of sizes, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you a custom quote, but remember we can’t give you a complete quote without seeing your artwork and knowing the number of ink colors, print locations, and estimated quantity. Contact us with the garment styles and colors you’re looking for and we’ll get you some options to fit your needs.
    • If you have a specific event or date that you need your printed garments, then we need to know that date when you place your order.
    • Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks at receipt of order. This can vary if there are delays in artwork approval, if we are experiencing a large volume of business, or if you have an exceptionally larger order that requires individual piece personalization (i.e. name or number added to each shirt after printing). If you are in need of your order in less than 2 weeks, you may encounter a rush fee in order to pay our overhead of utilities outside of our regular hours and/or employee overtime.
    • If we’re shipping your order – we need to know where to send it!
    • Once we have your order details confirmed and you’ve approved your art proof, we will get your order invoiced.

How do you need my artwork?
All artwork is preferred in vector format, with fonts converted to curves in CorelDraw. Raster graphics must be created at full size, at 300 dpi or higher and should have each color on its own layer. We accept the following hi-resolution file formats:  pdf, eps, cdr, tiff, and some hi-resolution jpgs. Vector files and color-separated, print-ready artwork is strongly encouraged and will eliminate or minimize all art charges. All fonts must be converted to curves or the font file(s) must be included with artwork. If you have questions regarding the print readiness of your artwork, please contact your graphic designer or our art department. Please do not send any Microsoft documents for printing. There are no Microsoft programs that allow users to create hi-resolution graphics for professional screen printing. If you do submit your artwork as low-resolution graphics, it may be subject to design charges necessary to re-create your artwork as a print-ready graphic.

If you need us to create a design for you, our graphic design team can set up your design in vector format for your approval.  Should we create a design for you and you choose not to place your order with us, please know that the hours spent on your design are not free.  Our graphic design specialists are not volunteers and are dependent on income to live, so you will likely get invoiced.

Original Artwork and Design

Varsity Club Apparel Co., Ltd. owns and reserves all rights to any original artwork. Use of original artwork by Varsity Club team members without permission is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Files used for purchased projects are available to customers for a $35 file transfer fee. Resolution, file format and compatibility cannot be guaranteed. For specific branding and/or design needs, design-only services are available with a Lead Designer for a rate of $65/hour with an hour minimum.

Proof Approval

Written/email proof approvals are required on all orders before Varsity Club Apparel Co., Ltd. will begin any production on the project. Verbal approvals are no longer accepted. Proof Approval constitutes acceptance and full responsibility for all errors, omissions and legal and ethical compliance of proof. Varsity Club Apparel Co., Ltd. LLC will not accept liability for errors or omissions overlooked by customer during proofing. Upon approval of the proof the client assumes full responsibility for the entire balance of the project.

What is your payment policy?
Payment is required in full at the time your order is placed unless other arrangements are made in advance. We accept Cash, business and local checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. We must receive payment before your order is printed and late payment will delay your order.  Please contact us to make other payment arrangements if necessary.

Can we get samples?
Blank garment samples are available in advance and we bill the samples with your regular order.  If samples are returned prior to the date your order is scheduled to be printed, you will not be charged for them. However, if you do not return your samples prior to your order being printed, or do not place your order with us, then you will be subject to pay a sample cost for the blank piece and any necessary shipping.

Printed sample costs are the equivalent of ordering one t-shirt and will always be subject to setup charges. Screen printed samples are subject to the same processing times as regular orders so please plan accordingly. Sample shirts generally start around $80/shirt and can be as much as $300+ depending on the number of ink colors and print locations. We do not typically need to fulfill sample orders because our customer service staff is incredibly knowledgeable.

I have shirts, can you print them?
Printing on customer-supplied garments is something we sometimes do for a small variety of customers. If you’re interested in providing garments for printing, please ensure they are all new, unworn, and unwashed for the best printing results. Used, old garments may cause problems during the printing process. We know the many limitations of the garments that we work with, but if you’re ordering you’re own garments we can’t take responsibility for the quality of your garments or if your garments will be ideal for printing. Customer Supplied garments cannot be guaranteed in any way. Payment in full is required before proofing or printing can begin on supplied orders. In the event of a production error or damage to the item, Varsity Club will not replace the supplied item nor issue refund(s) for materials used or time spent on the project. 

Will you print this artwork?
We reserve the right to refuse an order if we find it to be of a questionable nature. We will not print artwork that seriously promotes hate, racism, sexism, or other offensive materials.

Will you sponsor us and give us a discount on our order?
Probably not, but maybe. We’ve been asked by hundreds of organizations, individuals, sports teams, friends, fundraisers, political campaigns and small businesses to put our logo on their shirts in return for a discounted or free shirt. Sorry, but giving away our service is not a sustainable marketing strategy for any small business and a logo by itself does very little for us.

If you’re looking for a FREE order or heavily discounted order, please be prepared to offer us some equally great and FREE advertising and marketing services in return and we’ll consider it. If you’re looking for FREE shirts for your crochet club in return for printing our logo on the back, you better be in the Olympics or you’re probably wasting your time.

If you’re already a loyal customer working on an awesome community-focused event, you’ve already got our ear. Let us know the details and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

Can you ship my order?
Of course we can ship your order, UPS loves taking our customer packages when they deliver our goods. We ship via UPS or USPS depending on the size of your order and your deadline. Shipping times are not factored into our standard turnaround times. If you need an order to arrive on a certain date, please provide us with that date when you place your garment order. Shipping charges based on order details. We are not responsible for lost or stolen garment orders and we always insure shipments for the replacement cost.

Do you offer embroidery?
We used to, but no longer do embroidery in-house. Embroidery is quite different than screen printing and comes with its own opportunities and limitations.  We have partnered with a company that embroiders bulk orders for us.  Please contact us to see if we can meet your needs with a custom embroidery project.

Do you guys print “bling”?

We offer a few different types of sparkle.  Glitter flake is the most common and a form of heat transfer vinyl that is applied to the garment.  Our high quality heat transfers do not result in flaking glitter and are extremely durable.  While it is the most dynamic when it comes to sparkle, it does have some disadvantages.  Glitter flake feels rough, like sandpaper (not something you would want to wear while holding a new baby.)  When printed on loosely woven cotton, it can cause pilling within the garment.  For this reason, we recommend using glitter flake on specific garments with synthetic fibers, or very tightly woven cotton fibers. This material is best for small piece orders and not recommended for bulk printing jobs, as it is very costly and time-consuming to print.  This is also why we do not offer quantity price breaks when printing with glitter flake. 

We can also add a glitter finish when screen printing.  Crystallina is a specialty ink we can apply on top of a solid ink color for glittery effect.  It is a translucent color with specks of glitter suspended in a clear ink.  When printed on top of a solid color (such as pink), we are able to achieve a glitter finish.  Crystallina ink is a fun enhancement that can be used on top of any solid color used for screen printing.  We do not print crystalline by itself as it is intended for printing on top of another color.

Other “shimmery” screen print inks we offer are metallic inks.  Metallic inks can add classy enhancement to any screen printed order.

Oversized Garments

Every garment sized XXL or larger comes with an increased cost from our suppliers. Each garment style has a different price. Please note that not every garment style is available in every size.  Please let us know if you need some larger sizes.